Mayday is in the field of PC & Peripheral repairs, Industrial repairs & IT Facility Management.

With a team of 60 professionals which form a heart of this esteemed organization, we expertise’s in:

  • OEM support & services
  • Chip / Component Level Repairs
  • Onsite Support Services
  • Industrial repairs & maintenance
  • Hardware & Network maintenance
  • Research & Development
  • Embedded Systems Development

We provide a full range of support and services for our OEM partner customers. We provide full coverage on their behalf to their customers. We work out SLA(s) with our OEM partners, distributors, and dealers, and provide support at the local levels to drive down their support costs and thereby allow them to reach to a major customer circle(s).


We specialize in repairing all types of computer and network hardware right up to component level. Our company employs engineers qualified in dealing with sophisticated digital electronics of Laptop, the mechanical problems of Printers and the analogue power supplies fitted to the largest mainframe computers.

Repairs are carried out at component level and incorporate surface mounted rework and BGA technologies wherever applicable. Both hot air and infrared methods are used. Repairs made by the company range from simple analogue boards through to the most sophisticated microprocessor (PCB). Our engineers possess the expertise needed to ensure accurate fault diagnosis in complex microprocessor system and the skill to repair the latest surface mount technologies.

At MAYDAY with its vast association with Industry experts, we promise to deliver you the utmost solutions to you at your doorstep. MAYDAY has its brilliance with people around with whom it shares its views, missions and goals.

The management at MAYDAY encompasses a wide variety in its expertise and prospects. A Challenging nature with a major strength into risk management, MAYDAY aims at high prospect and uprising goals.